Inspiring film for those who think they have nothing!

This video has inspired everyone at Studhawk. All too often, people feel sorry for themselves, thinking they have nothing. Imagine this guy had a proper set of tools..


Watch this short film and be amazed.

Studhawk 90 drop test

Studhawk have just launched their Vine account with a drop test of the Saw Guide Set.
The standard drop test for most DIY apparatus’ is a two-metre drop, however, we
demonstrated through a seven-metre drop test that our Studhawk 90 outperformed
the standard test by 300%.

Stuck at home doing the DIY?

Can’t make it to Wimbledon?



Put down your rackets, and pick up your Studhawk saw guides.

Get your hands on the Studhawk 90 and 45, and you’ll be cutting wood as accuratley
as Hawk-Eye.

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$_12 (5) $_12 (4)

P.s. You can always watch it on the telly.

Fathers Day Gift idea?

What would he really love this fathers day?

Give a gift that he will use.

Perfect for Studwork, Architraves, Skirting’s and fine adjustments.

Studhawk saw guides make the perfect gift.

Watch the Video Below.

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